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She is resting now.  Her fight is not yet over, but she is safe now.  She is healing, with loving arms to help her, she will continue her road to wellness.  Samara, if our good thoughts can help then know this:  good days are ahead and soon you will be the cat you were meant to be.

Trucker, too has a fight ahead.  We’ve seen his improvement already.  His world will always be filled with challenges, but he will meet those, with loving arms to help.

FFRC is a cat rescue.  There is no sign on the door that only healthy, uninjured cats are welcome.  Cats that come here are almost always coming in with some health issue that needs to be addressed, with loving arms to help the cat.

With every cat, there are inevitable medical bills.  Some more extraordinary than others.  This is a chance for those who can help financially to help and in turn, you may win a wonderful item, but even if you don’t win one, you will win because you will be helping to care for these cats who have now been rescued and are now in loving arms.

And so we have an FFRC Raffle!  The proceeds will pay for the x-rays, the pain meds, the surgeries, the...so many things that we can only imagine.

It starts on Monday, August 4th running to Thursday, August 7th at 2:00 p.m. (FFRC time)

Winners will be drawn Thursday night during boxes which will start at 5:30 p.m. (FFRC time)

Tickets are $5.  Pay by paypal, or check.  In the instructions line for paypal, be sure to put the Letter of the item (s) you want.  There are 6 items, lettered A thru F.  You can buy as many tickets you want, for as many items you want.  Let’s say you want to donate $25 to buy 3 tickets for Letter A and two tickets for Letter C, just state on the instructions just that.

Below this post will be a picture of each item with a brief description.

And finally, if you can’t buy any tickets, please don’t feel bad.  Your support of FFRC comes in so many ways.  Thank those who donated or made these wonderful items.  Thank those who buy the tickets.  Go in chat and say a simple thank you to all.  Click on the ads on ustream.  We all have a way to support FFRC, we all have loving arms that can help.

A = 54 x 60 humandew

B = Derecho afghan.  46 x 53

C = Nine West handbag.  Pockets inside too!  With a zippered section inside

D = Afghan shades of blue black and white with octagon center. Made by kerswill

E = Purple pet carrier up to 22 lbs. 19 x 10 x 13

F = Signature quilt. 59 1/2 x 61.  Made by.        Squares by supporters!!