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It’s cold out here in North America.  Here in the US, all 50 states had freeze warnings earlier this week.  Canada has already had a tough winter and it’s not even winter yet.

Winter brings bills.  Winter brings costs that are hard to keep down.  Heat, electricity, the list is long, the totals are great.  So we are having a Raffle.  A big raffle with  8 incredible items.

This raffle runs now until Wednesday, November 26th  at 8:00 a.m..  Drawing will be Wednesday night at 6:00 p.m. (boxes will be at 5:30 p.m.)

You can buy as many tickets for as many items as you want!

Tickets are $5.  Pay by paypal, or check.  In the instructions line for paypal, be sure to put the Letter of the item (s) you want.  There are 6 items, lettered A thru H.  You can buy as many tickets you want, for as many items you want.  Let’s say you want to donate $25 to buy 3 tickets for Letter A and two tickets for Letter C, just state on the instructions just that.

And finally, if you can’t buy any tickets, please don’t feel bad.  Your support of FFRC comes in so many ways.  Thank those who donated or made these wonderful items.  Thank those who buy the tickets.  Go in chat and say a simple thank you to all.  Click on the ads on ustream.  We all have a way to support FFRC, we all have bills, we all can do something to help FFRC pay those bills.  Winter bills are hard to pay, but we can help FFRC pay theirs.  

Item A is a luxury mink blanket of Cats (no mink’s were harmed in the making of this blanket).  

It’s soft, ultra soft.  It 79 X 96 and was donated by Ellen and Pat.

Item B is a cat bed made by Tom K.  It is 25 X 20 and the mattress is a memory foam mattress.

Item C is an XBox One donated by Tim.

Item D is an IPAD Air with Smart Cover, donated by Jenny and Brent .

Item E is a 10 X 14 canvas print of Seymour, donated by Ellen and Pat.

Item F is a Cats love music afghan.  It’s 72 X 66 and made by LJ.

Item G is a camouflage afghan.  It’s 52 X 52  

Item H Cat & Kitten silhouette afghan    Made by angelface.  It is 47 X 53.